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The ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ Award

A while back now I was awarded the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award, and whilst I was extremely flattered, I’ll admit I was unsure of how to receive it. I’ve finally got round to posting this, so here goes.


As said by Life of a Lover Girl, I’m meant to share 7 facts about myself, sexy AND everyday facts, then nominate and link other gorgeously-sexy blogs. So, we’ll see how I get on…

1.I haven’t slept with lots of people. I’m not going to give away my number (because all in all, numbers really don’t matter,) but it’s more than 1 but less than 5. To me, sex has been exciting regardless of the number of people I’ve slept with. It’s always a journey. And I’m always learning something new.
2.I like hairy chests. Oh yes. I love those hairy, rugged chests. The kind you can grab roughly…mmm.
3.I’m a twin; I have a twin brother. We’re like chalk and cheese.
4.Though I love sex, I do love being in an exclusive relationship and I enjoy every other aspect of the relationship, too. There’s nothing like the connection you make with a long-term, exclusive partner. I’m always there for him, and he’s always there for me.
5.I’m a PDA convert. It used to make my stomach turn; but couples being affectionate is actually cute. We should be reminded of the sweeter things in life when it appears we’re just constantly bombarded with the bad parts.
6.I love a good cup of tea. Green tea is also deliciously refreshing, but not as good with a biscuit. I wouldn’t recommend it.
7.I’m longing to purchase more waspies and corsets. They’re so beautiful and elegant. I can’t get enough of them.

Now, some lovely blogs I’ve stumbled upon;
Andrea at
Tracy at
Blackdragon at
H.H at

I will be posting more when I get the chance. I’m so busy these days; I promise I’ll provide a sexy update soon.
Enjoy; things in life are worth enjoying, after all…


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